A few tips for folks studying for their technician license

I really enjoy being an "Elmer," helping people who want to get their ham radio license (sometimes referred to as a "ticket") as well as advancing their skills. I've been asked several times of late for advice on ways to help study (and pass!) the technician exam, so I figured I'd write a blog on the topic. I'd also love to hear from others who have been down the same road and know of other useful resources. To make this easier to navigate, I've split things into three categories: books, videos, and websites.
Note: the official license exam pool questions changed on July 1, 2022, so make sure that resources you're using are for the new license exam question pool.


  • ARRL Technician Class License Manual ($29.99 on Amazon.com (free shipping for Prime members), $32.99 + $10.50 s/h on arrl.org)
  • Technician Class: Pass Your Amateur Radio Technician Class Test - The Easy Way (March 2022 edition, $10.07 on Amazon (free Prime shipping too)

My absolute favorite video series is the one created by Dave Casler (KE0OG), who did such a great job that he was hired by the ARRL to write a monthly QST article ("Ask Dave"). Over the years, he created a wonderful set of YouTube videos, which have now been assembled into a set of online lessons specifically based on the technician exam. 


  • ARRL "Getting Licensed" is a great place to start
  • ARRL Tech Exam Question Pool
  • Hamstudy.org: I am a HUGE fan of this license study and practice exam drill site. They also offer a smartphone app ($3.99) that is a worthwhile investment. Note that the folks that created and support hamstudy.org have a company, SignalStuff, that sells a set of ham radio antennas, and a portion of sales goes toward supporting the HamStudy website and content.
I'll keep updating this as I find some of the other resources I used to pass the various exams, and if I can be of any help, feel free to reach out to me directly: k0ehr at arrl dot net.




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