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Flex Radio SmartSDR for Mac

I've been contemplating pulling the trigger on the purchase of Flex Radio's SmartSDR for MacOS for quite some time. My club, 285 Tech Connect (NA0TC), has a remote station out in Strasburg Colorado which features a Flex 6400 along with an antenna tuner connected to a fan dipole, which gives coverage over several of the HF bands including 10/15/17/20/40 meters. Flex provides their remote control software, SmartSDR, free only for Windows PCs, and as I'm primarily a Mac person, I've been wanting to pick up their Mac version for a while. It's $99 to purchase, which compared with free, is a bit steep IMO. That said, I finally decided to purchase it yesterday and I haven't been disappointed. I should mention that SmartSDR for Mac and iOS is actually written and sold by a third party, Marcus Roskosch, who I believe makes a living doing this. So I can definitely understand why he has to charge for it. On the positive side, in addition to supporting an independent softw

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