2985 Tech Connect Radio Club 2023 TechFest!

I had the privilege of leading the resurrection of the 285 Tech Connect Radio Club (NA0TC) TechFest this year, which was held on Saturday November 4th after a four-year hiatus. TechFest is a club tradition dating back to 2008, so it was awesome to get this time-honored event off the ground again.

For those of you that are unfamiliar with TechFest, it's a 6-hour event that features speakers on all sorts of amateur radio technical topics. This year's topics included 3D printing, selecting a new HF radio and the ARRS clean signal initiative, APRS, using ham radio at Starhaven observatory, and a primer on using the NanoVNA.

If you missed the event, have no fear--we recorded the whole day and the presentations and videos are available for viewing for free! Here are the links. There is also a YouTube playlist with all of the videos available as well. 

1. 3D printing (Mark Ehr K0EHR and Corey McDonald KC5YCO)

2. Selecting a new HF radio and the ARRL Clean Signal Initiative (Rob Sherwood N0COB)

3. Radio Astronomy and Ham Radio Activities at Star Haven Observatory (Jim Moravec N0COT and his students)

4. Intro to APRS - Automated Packet Reporting System (Larry Irons, K0LAI)

5. NanoVNA (Dave Feldman WB0GAZ)

Thanks to all of our presenters and volunteers, who made this a memorable event, and feel free to share any of these presentations with others. 


Mark K0EHR


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